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UK: LUSH Prize 2014 awarded

In November the LUSH Prize was awarded to twelve winners from ten countries at a ceremony at the Royal Institute of Brit­ish Architects in London. The prize money totaled £250,000 (€300,000).


The award ceremony was preceded by a conference entitled “Is One R the new Three Rs? Does the consensus building around 21st Century Toxicology – a wholly replacement model (‘1R’) – mean that the 3Rs framework (refinement, reduction, replacement) is an idea that has had its day? Or does a signifi­cant pathway-based understanding remain so distant, that 3Rs will retain a relevance for many years to come?” Slides from the presentations are posted online at


The winners of the LUSH Prize are listed below. Information on the winners can be found at

Public Awareness

– Humane Research Australia

– Taiwan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Young Researchers

– Henrik Johansson. Lund University, Lund, Sweden

– Jonathan Nicolas. Division of Toxicology/RIKILT Institute of Food Safety, Wageningen University and Research Cen­tre, The Netherlands

– Rober Bachinski. Fluminense Federal University, Brazil

– Thit Aarøe Mørck. University of Copenhagen, Denmark

– Anne Krug. University of Konstanz, Germany


– Professor Roland Grafström and Dr Pekka Kohonen. Karo­linska Institutet, Sweden


– New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (NZAVS)

– CAAT-Europe (Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing)


– Professor Ovanes Mekenyan. Laboratory of Mathematical Chemistry, Bulgaria

– Africa Network for Animal Welfare

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