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UK: Home Office announces limited ban on animal tests for household products

The UK Home Office announced on March 12, 2015 that ani­mal tests will no longer be performed for finished household products or chemicals where more than half of their usage is ex­pected to be as an ingredient in household products, i.e., clean­ing products, polishes, detergents, paint, decorating materials, laundry products, adhesives and air fresheners. The ban, which shall enter into force in October, follows a coalition promise in 2010 to end animal testing for household products.


The ban will likely have limited effects for the following rea­sons: no animal experiments were performed on finished house­ hold products since 2010 in the UK, companies will need to define the expected usage of a chemical as being more than half for household cleaning products to avoid testing, and even then a legal requirement of another regulation or an exceptional jus­tification can trigger the animal tests.




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