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UK: Funding bodies adopt “Responsibility in the use of animals in bioscience research” guidance

The EPSRC and AMRC charities are the latest research funders to adopt the guidance “Responsibility in the Use of Animals in Bioscience Research” and to join the NC3Rs peer review serv­ice. Implementation of the principles in this guidance is a con­dition of receiving funds from the funding bodies, which also include NC3Rs, BBSRC, Defra, MRC, NERC and Wellcome Trust.


The guidance sets out the expectations of the funding bod­ies for the use of animals in research and is therefore also use­ful to ethics committees, referees and Panel/Committee/Board members involved in reviewing research proposals. The guid­ance covers a summary of the legal controls on animal use, the responsibilities of the relevant parties, the principles and proce­dures of the funding bodies, and the requirements for research or collaborations outside of the UK.


Compliance with the guidance is assessed as part of NC3Rs involvement in the peer review processes of the UK funding bodies.

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Adapted from NC3Rs Newsletter

December 15, 2014

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