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NL/GER: InnoSysTox call for tender open

InnoSysTox is a joint call by ZonMw and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Within ZonMw this joint call is part of the More Knowledge with Fewer Animals programme.


The aim of the joint call is to develop innovative systems-biology-based 3R methods in toxicology and/or to apply new and existing systems-biology-based 3R methods in toxicology. The call for public-private research projects is designed to bring about the development and application of 3R methods in systems toxicology. A public-private partnership may consist of a consortium of several public and private partners. A public partner will supply the project leader (also the main applicant), who will liaise with ZonMw or BMBF throughout the procedure. All the other partners (public and private) are co-applicants. The call is open to co-applicants from any international company.


A total budget of up to M€2.9 is available for the call. Zon­Mw will contribute up to M€1.4 of this sum and will allocate grants to the Dutch groups. BMBF will contribute up to M€1.5 and allocate grants to the German groups.


Each joint project consortium may apply for a maximum budget of k€750 and a joint project timescale of a maximum of three years.

Submission deadline: December 16, 2014

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