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News 2/16

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EU: ECHA gives out registration data to support development of non-test methods

EU: Full replacement of in vivo tests possible for REACH

EU: Launch of EU-ToxRisk: A large-scale European in vitro toxicology project

GER: BMBF expands support program for alternatives to animal experiments

GER: Baden-W├╝rttemberg calls for applications for 3Rs research funding and prize

GER: Hesse calls for applications for Animal Protection Research Prize

GER: Legal opinion finds Germany in violation of Directive 2010/63/EU

INDIA: MGDC receives UGC support for continuation

INT: World Animal Net publishes Model Animal Welfare Act

NL: Spanish translation of humane endpoints website released

NL: In memory of Frauke Ohl

SUI: Tier im Recht turns 20 and confers first TIR Animal Law Award

UK: Launch of NC3Rs-funded welfare assessment resource

USA: FDA no longer recommends Draize test for topical drug evaluation

USA: 2016 Alternatives Research Grant Program

USA: Applications accepted for graduate fellowships for alternatives to the use

of animals in science

USA: New EPA guidance for testing pesticides will reduce animal testing

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