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ISR: Monkey breeding facility closed down

The breeding and export branch Mazor of the company BFC in Israel must close down and release 1,300 monkeys bred for animal experimentation. An Israeli multimillionaire, who also established a cat and dog rescue, has bought all the animals for 2 million dollars. Animal protectionists and antivivisectionists had demanded the closing down of the monkey breeding facility for twenty years. Some of Mazor’s monkeys were caught in the wild in Mauritius. About a year ago the Israeli state-owned air­line El Al had successfully petitioned the High Court to follow the example of many other airlines and absolve it from trans­porting monkeys for Mazor. Further, since 2015 the export of wild animals from Israel for experimental purposes is prohib­ited. The animals cannot be released into the wild; a sanctuary will be built for them using donations.



Adapted from press release

Ärzte gegen Tierversuche e.V.

January 19, 2015

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