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INT: Updated ICCR Inventory of Validated Alternative Methods Applicable for Cosmetics

The International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation (ICCR) has released and “Inventory of Validated Alternatives to Animal Testing Applicable for Cosmetic Products and Their Ingredients in all ICCR Regions.” The inventory should serve as a starting point for companies wishing to identify alternative methods for testing cosmetic products and ingredients. The list comprises methods developed and/or validated by the regional validation organizations of ICATM (ICCVAM, ECVAM, JaCVAM, HC, and KoCVAM). Most methods are also accepted as OECD test guidelines. The list does not include methods that were neither developed nor validated by ICATM partners and is therefore not exhaustive. The lead industry associations represented in ICCR are Cosmetics Europe (EU), CCTFA (Canada), JCIA (Japan), PCPC (US).


ICCR report:






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