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GER: Thomas Korff receives Ursula M. Händel Animal Protection Prize

The German Research Foundation (DFG) awarded the Ursula M. Händel Animal Protection Prize worth € 100,000 for the fifth time. Prof. Thomas Korff, a physiologist at the University of Heidelberg, received the prize on March 20, 2014 in Berlin. Prof. Korff has developed procedures that contribute to refinement and reduction and alternative methods that replace animal use in vascular research. The prize is awarded to scientists who improve animal protection in research alternately every two or three years.


Korff develops cell culture systems to investigate the reaction of cells to biomechanically induced vascular changes and to study tumor induced angiogenesis. These combine umbilical cord endothelial cells with smooth muscle cells in three-dimensional aggregates. More complex changes in the vasculature are followed by observing the local outgrowth of new vessels in the murine ear instead of by systemic application. This prevents systemic effects of the active substances and allows non-invasive analysis of its effects.




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