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GER: Experimental animal numbers surpass 3 million

The number of animals used for scientific purposes in Ger­many increased in 2012 by about 170,000 in comparison to 2011 to over 3,080,000. The number of mice used increased by 207,000 to over 2,243,000, i.e., 73% of the total. After mice, rats (418,000), fish (166,000), rabbits (97,000), and pigs (16,000) were the most commonly used species. The increased number of genetically modified mice (180,000 more than in 2011) was even greater than the increase in the total number of animals used for experimental purposes. Animal sacrifice for the removal of tis­sue also increased by almost 55,000 to 893,000 (these animals are included in the total). Fundamental research required 37% of animals used for scientific purposes; 62,000 animals were used for education and training purposes.


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