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EU: JRC hepatotoxicity datasets available within ToxBank Data Warehouse

The ToxBank project, aimed at supporting the data management and analysis activities carried out across the Alternative Testing Strategies SEURAT-1 program, has launched a centralized compilation of data for systemic toxicity – the ToxBank Data Warehouse – for which public access is now available upon request Data generated under the SEURAT-1 research program and additional public data are being uploaded and integrated whenever possible into computerized models capable of predicting repeated-dose toxicity. The ToxBank Data Warehouse will use the ISA-TAB file format for interchange, storage and query of any investigation data, including dose-response and omics results.


In August, the European Commission Joint Research Centre made available via the ToxBank Data Warehouse the complete data sets derived from a JRC study on hepatotoxicity screening, in which a mode-of-action targeted analysis of the literature was used to identify toxicity pathways and the key biological events associated with them.


A detailed demonstration of the ToxBank Data Warehouse is available on-line at:


Users may access protocols or data that have been made available within the ToxBank Data Warehouse. The managers of the application also provide a request option to support the incorporation of relevant data generated outside of SEURAT-1 activities.


Public access may be requested at:

Tutorials on the use of the ToxBank resources are made available at:



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August 30, 2014


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