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EU: ECHA introduces new compliance check strategy

To maximize the impact on the safe use of chemicals, ECHA is changing how it checks the compliance of registration dossiers. The aim is to identify substances of concern and coordinate different REACH and CLP measures to address these concerns effectively. ECHA’s Management Board endorsed the new strategy in September and it will be implemented from 2015 onwards.


In compliance checks in the future, the main focus will be to check information on those substances that matter most for the protection of people and the environment. This means high-tonnage registrations with data gaps in human health or environment endpoints and with high potential for exposure; and substances or mixtures that are widely used by workers or the general public. Most dossiers will be chosen because of these concerns but some dossiers will still be picked up randomly so that no registrant can be certain that their dossier will not be selected.

Using a common screening technique, ECHA and the national authorities will select priority substances for compliance checks, substance evaluation and risk management measures.



Adapted from ECHA Newsletter

October 2014

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