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EU: ECHA finds 69% of evaluated dossiers non-compliant

The European Chemicals Agency ECHA announced that it has checked 1,130 (5.7%) registration dossiers of substances produced in quantities of more than 100 tons per year and found 69% of these lacking important information on their safe use. 19,772 registrations covering approximately 2,700 unique substances were submitted by the 2010 deadline. The agency stated that it used both concern-based (809 cases) and random (321 cases) selection to choose which dossiers should be evaluated, and checked both lead and member dossiers. The compliance checks addressed 957 unique substances, i.e., approximately 35% of the 2010 phase-in substances.


The two main reasons for non-compliance were deficiencies in information regarding identification and composition of the substance, and insufficient justification for not submitting the required studies, or missing information in the chemical safety report. Registrants found to be non-compliant must provide the requested information by a deadline given in the decision.


It has not been stated whether the finding of this high rate of non-compliance will lead to further compliance checks on other dossiers.





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