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EU: Citizens call for mandatory training on scientific research ethics

The Special Eurobarometer 401 found that more than half of EU citizens are interested in developments in the field of science and technology and would like a public dialogue regarding deci­sions in this field. Two in three respondents felt that scientists working at universities or government laboratories were best qualified to explain the impact of scientific and technological developments on society.


More than eight of ten people agreed that all researchers should receive mandatory training on scientific research eth­ics, including animal welfare and use. The same proportion also agreed that young scientists should take an oath to respect both ethical principles and relevant legislation, with over half in total agreement on this.


The Special Eurobarometer 401 “Responsible Research and Innovation, Science and Technology” was requested by the Eu­ropean Commission, Directorate-General for Communication. The field work was conducted in April and May 2013 and the responses of more than 27,000 EU citizens were evaluated.


Full report and summary:

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