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Elaine Faustman, Joanne Zurlo and Robert Kavlock


Sonja von Aulock



Plenary Lectures


Theme I – Ethics

Session I-1: Harm-Benefit and Beyond

Session I-2: How Can IACUCs and Ethics Committees Improve to Further Benefit Animals

Session I-3: Ethical Selection of Species – Round Table

Session I-4: Beyond Refinement – Can We Provide Animals Used in Research with a Good Life Experience

Session I-5: Ethical Considerations for New Technologies Using Animals – Round Table

Theme I: Poster Presentations


Theme II – Lessons Learned

Session II-1: Tox21 10 Year Anniversary

Session II-2 Government Driven Legislation – EDSP/TSCA

Session II-3: Government Driven Legislation – Cosmetics

Session II-4: Eye Hazard Potential Examples

Session II-5: Read Across

Session II-6: Integrating In Vitro to Predict Organ Toxicity

Session II-7: Novel Uses of Genomics for Product Safety

Session II-8: Tipping Point – Using In Vitro to Discriminate Adverse from Adaptive Effects

Theme II: Poster Presentations


Theme III – Innovative Models for Safety and Efficacy

Session III-1: Models of the Respiratory System

Session III-2: Models Used in Neurodevelopmental Applications

Session III-3: Models of Brain Disorders and Disease

Session III-4: New Advances in Models for Skin

Session III-5: New Models for Cardiovascular Function, Physiology and Disease

Session III-6: Models of Developmental and Reproductive Biology

Session III-7: Models for Liver Function and Disease

Session III-8: Models of the Renal System

Session III-9: Update on Models for Genotoxicity and Cancer

Session III-10: Models Used for Ecology and Ecotoxicology

Session III-11: Vaccine Development: Role of the 3Rs

Session III-12: Applications of the 3Rs for Evaluating Medical Devices

Session III-13: Regulatory Issues Related to Organs on a Chip – Round Table

Session III-14: High Content and 3D Organ Models

Session III-15: Considerations of Exposure Dose and Metabolism in 3Rs

Session III-16: Innovations in Drug Development

Session III-17: New Advances in Intestinal Models

Theme III: Poster Presentations


Theme IV – Sustainability

Session IV-1: Predictive Safety Approaches: Role in the Design of Inherently Safer Chemicals

Session IV-2: Approaches and Frameworks to Advance Alternative Analysis

Session IV-3: Educating and Training Scientists to be Future Leaders in Sustainability

Session IV-4: The 3Rs and OneHealth: From Environment to Farm to Medicine

Theme IV: Poster Presentations


Theme V – Systems Biology and Big Data

Session V-1: Harnessing Big Data for Decision Making at Different Levels

Session V-2: Future of Big Data in 3Rs and Recommendations – Round Table

Session V-3: Best Practices for Modeling Data

Session V-4: Resources and Tools for State of the Art Systems Modeling

Theme V: Poster Presentations


Theme VI – 3Rs in Academia

Session VI-1: Evaluation of the Global Impact of the 3Rs in Education and Training

Session VI-2: Knowledge Sharing in Promoting 3Rs Advances

Session VI-3: Training for Humane Use of Animals in Veterinary Education and Biomedical Research

Session VI-4: Innovative Teaching and Training Methods Using Alternatives

Session VI-5: Acceptance and Implementation of the 3Rs in Asia

Session VI-6: The 3Rs in Research and Funding Opportunities for 3Rs Research

Session VI-7 (Part 1): The Importance of Experimental Design in Animal Experiments

Session VI-7 (Part 2): The Importance of Experimental Design in Animal Experiments

Theme VI: Poster Presentations


Theme VII – Translation

Session VII-1: Biomarkers

Session VII-2: Relevant Disease Models

Session VII-3: Best ES/IPCS Practices

Session VII-4: 21st Century Cell Culture Practices

Session VII-5: Implications of Systematic Review

Session VII-6: IVIVE Approaches

Theme VII: Poster Presentations


Theme VIII – Refinement and Animal Welfare

Session VIII-1: Evolution of Research Animal Welfare

Session VIII-2: Advances in Technology to Enhance Animal Welfare

Session VIII-3: Establishing a Culture of Care Through Assessment, Transparency, and Communication

Session VIII-4: Ensuring Good Welfare for Genetically Engineered Animals

Session VIII-5: Humane Endpoints and Euthanasia Considerations for Research Animals

Session VIII-6: Training Animals for Better Science and as Partners in the Scientific Process

Session VIII-7: Promotion of the 3Rs and Research Reproducibility

Session VIII-8: Advances in Recognition and Treatment of Pain in Laboratory Rodents

Theme VIII: Poster Presentations


Theme IX – Global Cooperation

Session IX-1: Animal Welfare: A Global Perspective

Session IX-2: International Approaches to Validation

Session IX-3: International 3Rs Cooperation: The Role of International Science

Session IX-4: Global Regulatory Updates

Session IX-5: Global Regulatory Harmonization

Session IX-6: 3Rs Communication and Advocacy

Session IX-7: Examining the Gap Between Regulatory Acceptance and Industry Use of Alternative Methods

Session IX-8: Global Efforts Moving Towards Replacement of Animals

Theme IX: Poster Presentations


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