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Dagmar Jírová and Horst Spielmann



Sonja von Aulock






Keynote Lectures

M. Vácha

Animals: biomechanisms or evolving organisms on the way to a reflexive thought?


M. Goldman

The rational use of animals in drug development: contribution of the Innovative

Medicines Initiative


R. Mokrý

European strategy for 3Rs and replacement of animal experiments


U. Marx

Human-on-a-chip – a paradigm shift from animal testing


N. Gillett

Industrial perspectives on the 3Rs and animal welfare


R. Kolar

How long must they suffer? Success and failure of our efforts to end the animal

tragedy in laboratories


H. Zhengming

Future perspectives for alternatives to animal testing in China


R. Kavlock

Lessons learned from ToxCast and prospects for the future



Theme I – New Technologies

Session I-1:   Virtual tissue models

Session I-2:   High throughput screening (HTS) models

Session I-3a:   Tissue-on-a-chip / Human-on-a-chip

Session I-3b:   Regulatory science panel discussion: Human-on-a-chip – Advancing regulatory science through innovation and worldwide networking for alternative testing

Session I-4a:   3D liver models

Session I-4b:   3D miscellaneous organ models

Session I-4c:   Novel technology for 3D cell cultures

Session I-5:   Bioreactors

Session I-6:   High-content imaging

Session I-7:   Monitoring (telemetry)



Theme II – Predictive Toxicology

Session II-1:   Pathways approaches in toxicology

Session II-2:   Systems biology

Session II-3:   Computational modeling and chem-informatics

Session II-4:   Risk assessment

Session II-5:   Discussion session: Application in decision making and testing strategies

Session II-6:   Updates on research activities from the USA and Japan

Session II-7:   Update from Europe – Alternative testing strategies program

Session II-8:   Meeting new regulatory challenges following the cosmetic ingredients ban –

Cosmetics Europe’s research programme on alternatives

Session II-9:   Exposure

Session II-10:   Topical toxicity 

Session II-11:   Repeated dose toxicity

Session II-12:   Skin sensitization

Session II-13:   Endocrine disruption 

Session II-14:   Reproductive & developmental toxicology 

Session II-15:   Genotoxicity / Carcinogenicity 

Session II-16:   Inhalation toxicology 

Session II-17:   Ecotoxicology 



Theme III – 3Rs in Academia & Education

Session III-1:   3Rs in academic education, training programs and anticipated needs 

Session III-2:   Funding agencies and funding programs 

Session III-3:   Innovative teaching and training tools 

Session III-4:   Implementing the “Montreal Declaration on the Synthesis of Evidence” 

Session III-5:   Sharing best practices in LAS education and training 

Session III-6:   Discussion: The role of journals in implementing the 3Rs 



Theme IV – Communication, Dissemination and Data Sharing

Session IV-1:   Information requirements on project proposals 

Session IV-2:   Scientific reporting standards (in vivoand in vitro) 

Session IV-3:   Retrospective analysis / non-technical summaries (2010/63)  

Session IV-4:   Information systems and databases 

Session IV-5:   Intellectual property, data sharing and data ownership 



Theme V – Efficacy and Safety Testing of Drugs and Biologicals

Session V-1:   Pathways based assays in drug development 

Session V-2:   Disease models in vivo 

Session V-3:   Potency testing of human and veterinary vaccines

Session V-4:   Medical devices and biologicals 



Theme VI – Human Relevance

Session VI-1:   In vitrodisease models  

Session VI-2:   Use of stem cells in screening 

Session VI-3:   Human biomarkers 

Session VI-4:   Absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) 

Session VI-5:   Epithelial biobarriers 



Theme VII – Ethics

Session VII-1:   Ethical and normative aspects of human-based approaches

Session VII-2:   Ethics of using animals 

Session VII-3:   Ethical evaluation 

Session VII-4:   Distress evaluation

Session VII-5:   Benefit evaluation 



Theme VIII – Refinement and Welfare

Session VIII-1:   Non-human primate use and welfare 

Session VIII-2:   Best practice welfare approaches – Mouse

Session VIII-3:   Humane principles in experimental techniques and benefits of 3Rs 

Session VIII-4:   Avoidance of severe suffering 

Session VIII-5:   Culture of care 

Session VIII-6:   Transgenic animals – Approaches to reduction and refinement in the production and use of GM mice 



Theme IX – Global Cooperation, Regulatory Acceptance and Standardization

Session IX-1:   Activity updates from international scientific societies 

Session IX-2:   Animal welfare implementation across the world 

Session IX-3:   Activity updates from international validation centres 

Session IX-4:   Novel approaches to validation 

Session IX-5:   Regulatory acceptance of alternatives 

Session IX-6:   Breaking down barriers and promoting international cooperation on 3Rs 

Session IX-7:   Harmonising ways to capture pathway-knowledge in toxicology 

Session IX-8:   Towards harmonisation in the application of alternative approaches within chemical regulation and management

Session IX-9:   Establishing criteria for an independent 3R-index: “Access to 3R’s” 



Theme X – Additional sessions

Session X-1:   Young Scientists Travel Award Short Presentations 

Session X-2:   Cosmetics around the world 

Session X-3:   Special lectures 

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