ALTEX Archive - Suppl. 2007

Peter Maier and Hugo Wick



Pierre Aeby, François Python and Carsten Goebel
Skin sensitisation: Understanding the in vivo situation for the development of reliable in vitro test approaches
Margarete Arras
Improvement of pain therapy in laboratory mice
Yara Banz and Robert Rieben
Exploring natural anticoagulation by endothelial cells: A novel in vitro model
Nicolau Beckmann
Non-invasive methods: Investigation of airways diseases by MRI in rats
Gerd Bicker, Andrea Gierse, Saime Tan and François Paquet-Durand
Simulation of stroke-related damage in cultured human nerve cells
Frank O. Bootz and Felix R. Wolf
Animal-free screening of biological materials for contamination by rodent viruses
Arie Bruinink and Peter Maier
Identification of neurotoxic chemicals in cell cultures
Karl Fent
Permanent fish cell cultures as important tools in ecotoxicology
Andrew Hemphill
Generation of parasite cysts in cultured cells instead of living animals
Paul Honegger and Beatriz Pardo
Aggregating brain cell cultures: Investigation of stroke related brain damage
Rok Humar, Lourdes Sanchez de Miguel, Fabrice N. Kiefer, Edouard J. Battegay: Formation of new blood vessels in the heart can be studied in cell cultures
Thomas Kröber and Patrick Guerin
The tick blood meal: From a living animal or from a silicone membrane?
Regine Landmann-Suter
Generation and use of a mouse Kupffer cell line
Claudia Mertens and Thomas Rülicke
Welfare assessment and phenotype characterisation of transgenic mice
Werner J. Pichler
Predicting drug hypersensitivity by in vitro tests
Valeska Reichel, Carsten Baehr and Gert Fricker
From blood to brain and vice versa: Transport processes in choroid plexus can be studied in vitro
R. Geoff Richards, Martin J. Stoddart, Angharad E. Simpson and Pamela I. Furlong Establishing a 3D ex vivo culture system for investigations of bone metabolism and biomaterial interactions
Stefanie Schindler, Stefan Fennrich, Reto Crameri, Thomas W. Jungi, Thomas Montag, Thomas Hartung
Fever in the test tube – towards a human(e) pyrogen test
Angelo Vedani, Markus A. Lill and Max Dobler
Predicting the toxic potential of drugs and chemicals in silico
Eva Waiblinger and Barbara König
Housing and husbandry conditions affect stereotypic behaviour in laboratory gerbils 67
Hanno Würbel
Environmental enrichment does not disrupt standardization of animal experiments
Anna Bogdanova and Johannes Vogel
Isolated, autologous blood-perfused heart: Replacement of heterotopic heart transplantation
Paolo Cinelli
Assessment of pain and stress in mice by monitoring gene expression changes
Pierre Cosson
A non-mammalian system to study bacterial infections
Beate Escher
Development of QSAR-models for classification and prediction of baseline toxicity and of uncoupling of energy transduction
Beate Escher and Jung-Hwan Kwon
Development of an in vitro system for modeling bioaccumulation of neutral, ionizable, and metabolically active organic pollutants in fish system
Paul Flecknell, Jon Gledhill and Claire Richardson
Assessing animal health and welfare and recognising pain and distress
Marianne Geiser and Doris Lang
In vitro replica of the inner surface of the lungs, for the study of particle-cell interaction
Norbert Goebels
Organotypic CNS slice cultures as an in vitro model for immune mediated tissue damage and repair in multiple sclerosis
Regina Hofmann-Lehmann and Ludwig Hoelzle
Development of in vitro strategies to propagate and characterize hemotrophic mycoplasmas
Cynthia Lee and Mauro Alini
The development of an in vitro intervertebral disc organ culture
Stephen L. Leib
An in vitro model of central nervous system infection and regeneration: Neuronal stem cells as targets of brain damage and regenerative therapies in bacterial meningitis
Alexander Mathis
Development of a three-dimensional enteric cell culture model for In vitro studies of the intestinal eukaryotic parasites Cryptosporidium spp.
Christoph Mueller
Establishment of a murine syngeneic co-culture system of intestinal epithelial cells with intraepithelial T lymphocyte subsets
Omolara Ogunshola
Development of a novel multicellular 3-dimensional blood brain barrier in vitro model
Elisabetta Padovan
Adjuvanticity of microbial-derived particles and synthetic analogs in vitro
Nicolas Ruggli and Artur Summerfield
Establishment of an in vitro system for the prediction of the degree of virulence of classical swine fever virus isolates
Claudio Strebel
Information on serum free cell lines, an interactive database


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