ALTEX Archive - Supp. 1/98



Marlies Halder, Coenraad F. M. Hendriksen and Jean-Marc Spieser:

[AGAATI/ECVAM Workshop on the Validation of Alternative Methods for the Potency Testing of Vaccines (summary only)] [Article in German]

Michael Schwaning:
[Alternatives to animal experimentation. The sophisticated process of validation] [Article in German]

Thomas Hartung et al.:
[Development and evaluation of a pyrogen test based on human whole blood ] [Article in German]

Matthias Fischer et al.:
[First results in the prevaluation of the human whole blood assay for pyrogens in biological pharmaceuticals] [Article in German]

Markus Weigandt, Peter Lexa and Hans-Günther Sonntag:
[A new test for the detection of pyrogens in pharmaceutical products] [Article in German]

Thomas Hartung, Reto Crameri and Albrecht Wendel: 
[Development of a pyrogen test based on rabbit blood] [Article in German]

Artur Kaul et al.:
[Development of an alternative method to the monkey neurovirulence test for oral poliovirus vaccines] [Article in German]

Volker Dörsam, Andreas Schmeel, Konstantin Chumakov and Mathias R. Fibi:
[Alternative for the neurovirulence test (NTV) in primates for safety-testing of poliomyelitis attenuated life virus vaccine (Sabin): in vitro test MAPREC] [Article in German]

Andreas Schmeel and Mathias R. Fibi:
[Alternative for the neurovirulence test (NVT) in primates for safety-testing of poliomyelitis attenuated life virus vaccine (Sabin): NVT in transgenic mice] [Article in German]

Miriam A. Ossevoort et al.:
[Use of in vitro correlates for selection of candidate immunosuppressive antibodies prior to a primate transplant model] [Article in German]

Christoph Conrad, Dieter Kabelitz and Gabriele Schäffner:
[Potency testing of anti-lymphocyte Globulins: In vitro alternatives for the monkey sking-graft assay] [Article in German]

Elvira Ebert et al.:
[Optimisation and establishing of serological methods for the potency testing of immunglobulins against Clostridium tetani-toxin] [Article in German]

Arno van der Ark, Ineke van Straaten-van de Kapelle and Coenraad F. M. Hendriksen:
[Pertussis serological potency test as an alternative to the intracerebral mouse protection test: development, evaluation und validation] [Article in German]

Harald Klein et al.:
[Characteristics of Toxoplasma-gondii-tachyzoites from different culture systems] [Article in German]

Klaus Cussler, David Morton and Coenraad F. M. Hendriksen:
[Humane endpoints as a replacement for the estimation of lethality rates in the potency testing of rabies vaccines] [Article in German]

Beate Krämer, Petra Rübmann, Karin Duchow and Klaus Cussler:
[Detection of extraneous virus in live vaccines] [Article in German]

Stephanie A. E. Blum et al.: 
[How to prove complete virus inactivation in rabies vaccines. A comparison of an in vivo to an in vitro method] [Article in German]

Anja Langhardt et al.: 
[Avian Enzephalomyelitis of poultry: Contribution on the reduction of animals during vaccine testing] [Article in German]

Erika Borrmann and Frank Schulze:
[Detection of Clostridium novyi type B alpha toxin using cell culture systems ] [Article in German]

Katja Jansen, Frauke Roth and Sören Petzke:
[Development of a cytotoxin inhibition text for the detection of serum antibodies against the a-toxin of Clostridium septicum] [Article in German]

Elvira Ebert, Volker Öppling, Esther Werner and Klaus Cussler:
[Development and prevalidation of alternative methods for the potency testing of C. perfringens vaccines] [Article in German]

Frank Gessler, Susanne Behrens, Petra Loch and Helge Böhnel:
[Development of an in vitro assay for the detection of Botulinum Neurotoxins - preliminary results] [Article in German]

Marion Wegener, Lukas Bruckner and Klaus Cussler:
[The establishment of endotoxin limits which satisfy animal welfare considerations in the testing of porcine vaccines] [Article in German]

Martina Ecker and Günter Müller:
[Cytokine release after administration of endotoxin containing vaccines] [Article in German]

Angela Pössnecker and Claus Cussler:
[Evaluation of the relevance of the target animal safety test for the quality control of veterinary immunological medicinal products] [Article in German]

Ralf P. Pund, Katrin Nold and Elke Henrion:
[Testing fish vaccines with an in vitro lymphocyte blastogenesis assay] [Article in German]

Ulrich Wagner, Dietlind Hädge, Ingolf Lachmann and Karl Drössler:
[Development of an ELISA-system for the assessment of furunculosis vaccines ] [Article in German]

Christine Zwerger et al.:
[A comparison of commercially available adjuvants in BALB/c-mice immunised with a weekly immunogenic peptide] [Article in German]

P. P. A. Marlies Leenaars and Coenraad F. M. Hendriksen:
[Influence of route of injection on efficacy and side effects of immunisation] [Article in German]



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