ALTEX Archive - Supp. 1/96



Rüdiger Schade, Andreas Hlinak

Egg yolk antibodies, state of the art and future prospects

Herwart Ambrosius
Developmental aspects of immunoglobulins and antibodies

Uli Lösch

[How do antibodies get into the chicken egg?] [Article in German]

Ingrid Behn, Undine Hommel, Michael Oertel, and Sunna Hauschildt

Kinetecs of IgY formation after immunisation of hens with different protein antigens

Christine Schwarzkopf and Bernhard Thiele

Effectivity of alternative adjuvants in comparison to Freund's complete adjuvant

Andrea Hofmann et al.
[Lipopeptides as adjuvants for the immunisation of laying hens] [Article in German]

Peter Schmidt et al.
[Local reactions after the application of several adjuvants in chicken] [Article in German]

Christine Schwarzkopf and Bernhard Thiele
Effectivity of different methods for the extraction and purification of IgY

Undine Hommel, Ingrid Behn, and Sunna Hauschildt
IgY antibodies as secondary reagent in FACS analysis

Margit Doth, Rüdiger Schade, Silke Claas, and Rolf Matysiak
Assay development of a serum marker for myocardial injury: experiences with an avian anti-troponin I antibody

Martin Gerl et al.

Immunisation of chicken with the aminoterminal propeptide of bovine procollagen type III. Specificity of of egg yolk antibodies and comparison with immunoassays using rabbit and mouse antibodies

Antje Rieger, Wolf Bürger, Falk Hiepe und Rüdiger Schade
[Determination of human serum CRP using a chicken egg yolk antibody (IgY) to avoid interferences with rheumatoid factors. Comparison with mammalian antibodies] [Article in German]

Anne Schniering, Rüdiger Schade und Theo Hiepe
[Development of an IgY-based assay for the detection of Ascaris-suum-antigens] [Article in German]

Michael H. Erhard et al.

Production and purification of mouse IgG subclass specific chicken egg yolk antibodies using a new indirect affinity chromatography method with protein G

Andreas Hlinak et al.
Studies on diagnostic applications of egg yolk antibodies against Bordetella bronchiseptica

Christian Staak
Egg yolk antibodies (IgY) in routine diagnostic work

Andreas Hlinak et al.

Production of egg yolk antibodies against human cell-associated antigens

Rüdiger Schade et al.
Specificity of chicken (IgY) versus rabbit (IgG) antibodies raised against cholecystokinin octapeptide (CCK-8)





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