ALTEX Archive - Supp. 1/94



Ute Hechler, Klaus Cussler

[Animal tests in pharmacopoiea monographs current state and possibilities for improvements] [Article in German]

Karin Duchow, Beate Krämer
[Abnormal toxicity - a relevant safety test under GLP- and GMP-conditions in the production of vaccines?] [Article in German]

Coenraad F.M. Hendriksen
Recommendations of the ECVAM-Workshop on "Alternatives to Animal Testing in the Quality Control of Immunobiologicals; State of the Art and Future Prospects"

Dietrich Schimmel
[The importance of endotoxin producing bacterias for practical purposes] [Article in German]

Klaus Cussler, Hannelore Godau, Heike Gyra

[Investigations of the endotoxin content of veterinary vaccines] [Article in German]

Coenraad F. M. Hendriksen
Replacement of the Toxin Neutralization Test in Mice by in vitro Serological Assay Systems for Potency Testing of Tetanus Toxoid Vaccines for Veterinary Use: Results of a European Collaborative Study

Reinhard Weiss, Martin Grischup, Claudia Nakov

[Newer knowledge concerning a protective antigen of erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae] [Article in German]

Rolf Beckmann, Klaus Cussler
[Potency testing of Erysipelas vaccine in mice. ELISA vs. challenge] [Article in German]

Heike Gyra, Renate Volmer, Dorothea Hausleithner
[Investigations about development of alternative efficacy verifications of swine erysipelas vaccines] [Article in German]

Peter Schöss
[Diagnosis and control of progressive atrophic rhinitis (PAR) in pigs] [Article in German]

Dietrich Schimmel, Wilfried Erler, Ingrid Hänel, Wolfgang Müller

[Detection of pasteurella multocida toxin - a comparison of in vitro and in vivo methods] [Article in German]

Volker Öppling, Manuela Kusch, Petra Rübmann, Klaus Cussler
[Detection of antibodies against pasteurella multocoida toxin with a cell culture method and an enzyme immunoassay] [Article in German]

Margot D. O. van der Kamp: Ways of replacing reducing or refining the use of animals in the quality control of veterinary vaccines






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