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University of Virginia, Medical School replaces canine lab with human patient simulator

Rooshin B. Dalal1, Megha Shah Even2, Chad B. Sandusky2 and Neal D. Barnard2
1University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA; 2Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine,
Washington, DC, USA

Until recently, the University of Virginia School of Medicine (UVa) taught emergency surgical procedures using a canine laboratory. Medical students, working with faculty, administration, and community members, eliminated the use of canines and implemented a new life-saving techniques course using a human patient simulator and other stand-alone stations, allowing students to practice repeatedly without using animals. Replacement of this canine lab marked a turning point for medical education at UVa, and follows a general trend since 1994 of declining use of animals in medical education in the U.S.

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