Spec. Issue 2006 - Article Summary

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Three barriers obstructing mainstreaming alternatives in K-12 education

Lynette A. Hart, Mary W. Wood and Hsin-Yi Weng
UC Center for Animal Alternatives, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis, USA
The limited use of alternatives in secondary education contrasts with the concerted adoption of alternatives in veterinary curricula. Taking a teacher’s perspective, three barriers obstruct mainstreaming of alternatives in high school biology courses. First, dissection is not addressed in course outlines, curricular standards, and frameworks. Second, financial and technical support for resources in science teaching is lacking. Third, teachers need ways to motivate their students to learn biology and offer them stimulating, informative materials. Preparation of appropriate materials for five to ten biology laboratories could address these three barriers at modest cost and effectively deliver biology to secondary students.

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