Spec. Issue 2006 - Article Summary

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Processes and policies for ethical evaluation in Nordic Countries and Europe

Timo Nevalainen1,2, Anna Meller3 and Niina Kemppinen3
1National Laboratory Animal Center, University of Kuopio and 2Department of Basic Veterinary Sciences,
3Viikki Laboratory Animal Center, University of Helsinki, Finland

In ethical evaluation of animal studies both costs and benefits are broken down to smaller elements in order to attach an ethical value judgment to each, and look for improvements in areas of concern. Ethical evaluation must focus on the refinement and reduction alternatives. Evaluation of the 6th Framework Programme applications is a truly European process: Benefits are assessed first by scientific evaluators, and applications with high scores go to ethical panel. A similar assessment of benefits should be done in local ethics committees, but they may lack the needed expertise. The Nordic Forum suggested a Cost-Benefit-Means approach for evaluation.

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