Spec. Issue 2006 - Article Summary

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ECVAM’s database service on alternative methods (DB-ALM) – online

Annett J. Roi and Manuela Flego
ECVAM, Institute for Health & Consumer Protection, Joint Research Centre, European Commission, Ispra (VA), Italy
The Db-ALM of ECVAM, requested by the European Commission and Parliament, provides ready-to-use information on various aspects of animal alternatives on evaluated data sheets. The first Internet version has been available since 2001 (http://ecvam-sis.jrc.it).
In 2006, access shall be provided, in addition, to the INVITTOX protocol collection, to method-summary descriptions, test results, details on validation studies, and to a new data sector on (Q)SARs. The Db-ALM information content is created in collaboration with external experts or originates from validation studies. The current Internet version can refer to 4667 registered users from 67 countries with a 26 % increase over the past 12 months. The progress of Db-ALM is monitored by ECVAM’s Scientific Advisory Committee.

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