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Ecotoxicological tests in non-ecotoxicological research: Contribution to the three Rs

Anne Kahru
National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics, Estonia
The luminescent bacterium Photobacterium phosphoreum was used for toxicity testing of 47 MEIC reference chemicals. Five-minute EC50 values (the concentration of chemical, in mM, which reduces the light output of the bacteria by 50% after contact for 5 minutes) were calculated and correlated with data from the literature: octanol/water partition coefficients, acute L(E)C50 data from the Microtox™ and Daphnia tests, acute in vitro toxicity data for fish, animal and human cell lines as well as in vivo data for rodents, dog and man. The log-log correlation coefficients (R2) ranged between 0.20-0.79. Thus, the application of a photobacteria-based toxicity test (as part of an in vitro test battery) at the screening stage of all areas of in vitro toxicological research (not only in ecotoxicological studies) will contribute to the Three Rs concept.

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