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Comparative analysis of gene networks at multiple doses and time points in livers of rats exposed to acetaminophen

Hiroyoshi Toyoshiba1, Hideko Sone1, Fred Parham2, Richard D. Irwin2, Gary A. Boorman2 and
Christopher J. Portier 2

1 National Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan; 2National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences,

Gene interaction networks (GINs) have been developed as a potential tool to understand biological mechanisms or responses to chemical toxicity. Our recent studies developed two algorithms to identify and quantify gene interaction networks. One is to identify networks based on a statistical criteria and the other is to test hypothetical networks using microarray data. These methods were combined with clustering analysis, networks were clustered and father analysis was performed to quantify linkages in the networks and to follow microarray change over time and dose levels in the model of rat exposed to acetaminophen. These analysis methods could be used for risk assessment and could improve the mechanistic understanding of chemical toxicity.

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