Spec. Issue 2006 - Article Summary

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Application of in vitro alternative methods to ecotoxicology

Shinobu Wakuri1, Yutaka Matsumoto2, Makoto Hayashi3 and Noriho Tanaka1
1Hatano Research Institute, Food and Drug Safety Center, Hadano, Kanagawa, Japan; 2Hokkaido Research Institute for
Environmental Sciences, Sapporo, Japan; 3Division of Genetics and Mutagenesis, National Institute of Health Sciences, Tokyo,

We applied in vitro assays using cultured cells for the ecotoxicological assessment of various samples collected from the environment. The results of cytotoxicity assays on water samples from rivers and cooling towers correlated well with the respective water analyses.
However, some samples induced different responses between the two cell lines employed. Extracts of solid samples revealed the order of contaminations in the phototoxicity test and mouse lymphoma mutation assay. Therefore, the in vitro toxicological assays were useful to screen test samples from the environment composed of various pollutants.

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