ALTEX Archive - 3/17


Sonja von Aulock




Thomas Hartung

Thresholds of Toxicological Concern – Setting a threshold for testing below which there is little concern


Research Article

Andrea Gissi, Kimmo Louekari, Laurence Hoffstadt, Norbert Bornatowicz and Alberto Martin Aparicio

Alternative acute oral toxicity assessment under REACH based on sub-acute toxicity values


Research Article

David Pamies, Paula Barreras, Katharina Block, Georgia Makri, Anupama Kumar, Daphne Wiersma, Lena Smirnova, Ce Zhang, Joseph Bressler, Kimberly M. Christian, Georgina Harris, Guo-li Ming, Cindy J. Berlinicke, Kelly Kyro, Hongjun Song, Carlos A. Pardo, Thomas Hartung and Helena T. Hogberg

A human brain microphysiological system derived from induced pluripotent stem cells to study neurological diseases and toxicity


Research Article

Weihsueh A. Chiu, Fred A. Wright and Ivan Rusyn

A tiered, Bayesian approach to estimating population variability for regulatory decision-making


Research Article

Julie Mollergues, Barbara van Vugt-Lussenburg, Christian Kirchnawy, Reka Anna Bandi, Rosan B. van der Lee, Maricel Marin-Kuan, Benoit Schilter and Karma C. Fussell

Incorporation of a metabolizing system in biodetection assays for endocrine active substances


Research Article

Zhichao Liu, Hong Fang, Jürgen Borlak, Ruth Roberts and Weida Tong

In vitro to in vivo extrapolation for drug-induced liver injury using a pair ranking method


Review Article

Kris A. Descovich, Jennifer Wathan, Matthew C. Leach, Hannah M. Buchanan-Smith, Paul Flecknell, David Farningham and Sarah-Jane Vick

Facial expression: An under-utilized tool for the assessment of welfare in mammals



Karsten R. Mewes, Maria Engelke, Michaela Zorn-Kruppa, Melinda Bartok, Rashmi Tandon, Johanna M. Brandner and Dirk Petersohn

In vitro eye irritation testing using the open source reconstructed hemicornea – a ring trial



Silke Strittmatter

Undervaluation of suffering of experimental animals in Germany



Claudia Diana Gherman, Cornel Catoi, Carmen Socaciu, Adela Pintea, Nechita Adrian Oros, Flaviu Tabaran, Andras-Laszlo Nagy, Yula Sambuy, Isabella De Angelis, Teresa Coccini, Virginia Bassi and Francesca Caloni

IN vitro toxicology: From INtestine to braIN

Chiara Scanarotti, Costanza Rovida, Susanna Penco, Stefania Vernazza, Sara Tirendi, Rosagemma Ciliberti and Anna Maria Bassi

Alternative approach to animal testing and cell cultures, according to European laws












AUS: Bill to ban animal testing for cosmetics before parliament

CAN: Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods launched

DNK: Funding for research into alternatives to animal experiments announced

EU: EURL ECVAM publishes recommendation on the use of non-animal skin sensitization tests

EU: SCHEER updates opinion on non-human primate use

EU: ECHA publishes report on the use of alternatives for REACH

EU: ECHA reports on Member State investigations on vertebrate testing proposals

EU: Report on Scientific Conference Non-Animal Approaches – The way forward online

GER: New chair for “Animal Welfare with Focus on Refinement in Laboratory Animal Science” in Berlin

GTM: Guatemala bans animal testing for cosmetics

INT: 2016 3Rs Prize awarded for study on natural lab rat behavior

INT: EMA releases waiving criteria for animal batch safety tests for veterinary vaccines

INT: OECD releases version 4.0 of QSAR Toolbox

INT: OECD group approves proposal for test guideline development

INT: Refinement of zebrafish experiments included on Humane Endpoints website

UK: NC3Rs publish guidance for university web pages on the 3Rs IN animal research

USA: US Pharmacopeia publishes revision to allow in vitro pyrogen test methods

USA: NIEHS to fund small business phase II grants for alternative methods development

USA: Bill requiring reporting of animal species and numbers used by federal agencies introduced








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