ALTEX Archive - 3/14


Sonja von Aulock



Alexandra Maertens, Nicholas Anastas, Pamela J. Spencer, Martin Stephens, Alan Goldberg and Thomas Hartung

Green toxicology


Marc A. T. Teunis, Sander W. Spiekstra, Mieke Smits, Els Adriaens, Tobias Eltze, Valentina Galbiati, Cyrille Krul, Robert Landsiedel, Raymond Pieters, Judith Reinders, Erwin Roggen, Emanuela Corsini and Susan Gibbs

International ring trial of the epidermal equivalent sensitizer potency assay: reproducibility and predictive capacity

Lukas Fliedl, Matthias Wieser, Gabriele Manhart, Matthias P. Gerstl, Abdulhameed Khan, Johannes Grillari and Regina Grillari-Voglauer

Controversial role of gamma-glutamyl transferase activity in cisplatin nephrotoxicity

Sarah E. Cavanaugh, John J. Pippin and Neal D. Barnard

Animal models of Alzheimer disease: historical pitfalls and a path forward

Barae Jomaa, Sanne A. B. Hermsen, Maurijn Y. Kessels, Johannes H. J. van den Berg, Ad A. C. M. Peijnenburg, Jac M. M. J. G. Aarts, Aldert H. Piersma and Ivonne M. C. M. Rietjens Developmental toxicity of thyroid-active compounds in a zebrafish embryotoxicity test

t4 report

Daniele Ferrario, Roberta Brustio and Thomas Hartung

Glossary of reference terms for alternative test methods and their validation


Jason R. Pirone, Marjolein Smith, Nicole C. Kleinstreuer, Thomas A. Burns, Judy Strickland, Yuri Dancik, Richard Morris, Lori A. Rinckel, Warren Casey and Joanna S. Jaworska

Open source software implementation of an integrated testing strategy for skin sensitization potency based on a Bayesian network


t4 report

Marcel Leist, Nina Hasiwa, Costanza Rovida, Mardas Daneshian, David Basketter, Ian Kimber, Harvey Clewell, Tilman Gocht, Alan Goldberg, Francois Busquet, Anna-Maria Rossi, Michael Schwarz, Martin Stephens, Rob Taalman, Thomas B. Knudsen, James McKim, Georgina Harris, David Pamies and Thomas Hartung

Consensus report on the future of animal-free systemic toxicity testing

Rachel Ashton, Bart De Wever, Horst W. Fuchs, Marianna Gaca, Erin Hill, Cyrille Krul, Albrecht Poth and Erwin L. Roggen

State of the art on alternative methods to animal testing from an industrial point of view: ready for regulation?

Melvin E. Andersen, Kellyn Betts, Yvonne Dragan, Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Jesse L. Goodman, Thomas Hartung, Jonathan Himmelfarb, Donald E. Ingber, Abigail Jacobs, Robert Kavlock, Kyle Kolaja, James L. Stevens, Dan Tagle, D. Lansing Taylor and Douglas Throckmorton

Developing microphysiological systems for use as regulatory tools – challenges and opportunities


Francesca Caloni, Gianni Dal Negro, Patrizia Costa, Silvia Dotti, Giacomo Matteucci, Augusto Vitale and Isabella De Angelis

3Rs and new frontiers in laboratory techniques

Syed Ziaur Rahman, Umme Aiman and Mohammad A. Akbarsha

National workshop/CME on alternatives to animal experimentation in medical science education


Sidonia Jędrzejewska

Animal testing – science or tradition? What future for alternatives to animal testing?








EU: 1 million signatures for Stop Vivisection initiative confirmed

EU: ECHA reports progress in the use of alternatives to animal testing

EU: EURLECVAM launches CheLISTdatabase

GER: 2015 Felix Wankel Animal-Welfare-Research-Award announced

INDIA: A giant step forward to replace the use of dogs in experiments

SUI: News from ALTEX

UK: DHTawards summer studentships, announces conference

UK: Nominations for 2014 LUSH Prize sought

USA: Beagle Freedom Law passed in Minnesota





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