ALTEX Archive - 3/13


Sonja von Aulock





Thomas Hartung

Look back in anger – what clinical studies tell us about preclinical work



Barae Jomaa, Jac M. M. J. G. Aarts, Laura H. J. de Haan, Ad A. C. M. Peijnenburg, Toine F. H. Bovee, Albertinka J. Murk, and Ivonne M. C. M. Rietjens

In vitro pituitary and thyroid cell proliferation assays and their relevance as alternatives to animal testing

Sebastian Polak

In vitro to human in vivo translation – pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of quinidine


Karin Dreisig, Camilla Taxvig, Mia Birkhøj Kjærstad, Christine Nellemann, Ulla Hass, and Anne Marie Vinggaard

Predictive value of cell assays for developmental toxicity and embryotoxicity of conazole fungicides


Miriam N. Jacobs, Susan C. Laws, Kate Willett, Pat Schmieder, Jenny Odum, and Toine F. Bovee

In vitro metabolism and bioavailability tests for endocrine active substances: What is needed next for regulatory purposes?


t4 workshop report:

Louise Parks Saldutti, Bruce K. Beyer, William Breslin, Terry R. Brown, Robert E. Chapin, Sarah Campion, Brian Enright, Elaine Faustman, Paul M. D. Foster, Thomas Hartung, William Kelce, James H. Kim, Elizabeth G. Loboa, Aldert H. Piersma, David Seyler, Katie J. Turner, Hanry Yu, Xiaozhong Yu, and Jennifer C. Sasaki

In vitro testicular toxicity models: Opportunities for advancement via biomedical engineering techniques



Francesca Caloni, Patrizia Costa, Gianni Dal Negro, Isabella De Angelis, Silvia Dotti, Giovanna Lazzari, Giacomo Metteucci, and Augusto Vitale

Alternative Methods: 3Rs, Research and Regulatory Aspects



Daniel R. Dietrich, Sonja von Aulock, Hans Marquardt, Bas Blaauboer, Wolfgang Dekant, James Kehrer, Jan Hengstler, Abby Collier, Gio Batta Gori, Olavi Pelkonen, Florian Lang, Frans P. Nijkamp, Kerstin Stemmer, Albert Li, Kai Savolainen, A. Wallace Hayes, Nigel Gooderham, and Alan Harvey

Scientifically unfounded precaution drives European Commission’s recommendations on EDC regulation, while defying common sense, well-established science and risk assessment principles


Federico M. Stefanini

Bayesian Network Integrated Testing Strategy and beyond


Joanna Jaworska

Reply to: Bayesian Network Integrated Testing Strategy and beyond



Nina Hasiwa, Mardas Daneshian, Peter Bruegger, Stefan Fennrich, Astrid Hochadel, Sebastian Hoffmann, Felix E. Rivera-Mariani, Christoph Rockel, Stefanie Schindler, Ingo Spreitzer, Sandra Stoppelkamp, Kranthi Vysyaraju, and Thomas Hartung

Evidence for the detection of non-endotoxin pyrogens by the whole blood monocyte activation test










EU: ECHA decision on rabbit inhalation studies annulled

EU: EPAA lab tech award

GER: Animal protection class actions introduced in three German states

GER: Bundesrat introduces regulation for animal experiments

GER: Revised book on cell and tissue culture

GER: Towards alternative methods in education in Eastern Europe

INT: DNT4 – call for abstracts

INT: Grants for research roadmaps for 3 human disease areas

SUI: News from ALTEX

UK: CRACK IT Solutions funding

UK: Michael Balls made Honorary Life President of FRAME

UK: Nominations for the 2013 Lush Prize sought

USA: 2014 CAAT Science-based Refinement Awards: Call for proposals

USA: EPA announces plans for ToxCast Phase II release

USA: NIH to retire 90% of chimpanzees from research

USA: Toxicogenetics Challenge open






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