ALTEX Archive - 3/05



Angelo Vedani, Max Dobler and Markus A. Lill

Virtual test kits for predicting harmful effects triggered by drugs and chemicals mediated by specific proteins

Lutz Kiep
Metabolism of xenobiotics in the incubated hen's egg: investigations with ethyl 4-hydroxybenzoate

Toni Lindl, Manfred Völkel und Roman Kolar

[Animal experiments in biomedical research. An evaluation of the clinical relevance of approved animal experimental projects] [Article in German]

Tereza C. Cardoso, Maria C. B. Teixeira, Natali Fachin, Tatiani L. Camargo, Deriane E. Gomes, Anivaldo O. Corte Junior and Beatriz Anselmo
Evaluation of serum and animal protein-free media for the production of infectious bronchitis virus (M41) strain in a continuous cell line

LINZ 2004, PART 2

Ute Rosskopf, Kerstin Noeske and Esther Werner
Replacement of the in vivo toxin neutralisation test for efficacy demonstration of tetanus vaccines ad us. vet. within the scope of marketing authorisation procedures

Joachim Ubl
[Olympus cell^R - imaging station for life science] [Article in German]

Thomas C. Zechmeister, Alexander K. T. Kirschner, Martina Fuchsberger, Sabine G. Gruber, Beate Süß, Renate Rosengarten, Fritz Pittner, Robert L. Mach, Alois Herzig and Andreas H. Farnleitner
Prevalence of botulinum neurotoxin C1 and its corresponding gene in environmental samples from low and high risk avian botulism areas

CH: Tierversuche nehmen erneut zu
CH: News von der Doerenkamp-Zbinden Stiftung (DZS)
CH/D: Doerenkamp-Zbinden Stiftung verleiht 2005 zwei Preise
D: Innovationspreis für Biosensor
D: Gründung von SAMIC
EU: Patent auf Krebsmaus abgelaufen
UK: Dorothy Hegarty Award 2004 geht nach Berlin
Ausschreibung Doerenkamp-Zbinden Preis 2006

Ljubljana: ecopa/CONAM consensus meeting of interest groups of national platforms
Berlin: Erstes BfR-Forum Verbraucherschutz: Das neue europäische Chemikalienrecht und der Verbraucherschutz
Oslo: The 2nd InterNICHE conference

Susi Goll: Ungebrochener "Genboom"





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