ALTEX Archive - 2/17



Thomas Hartung

Food for thought … the first ten years



Thomas Hartung

Opinion versus evidence for the need to move away from animal testing



Research Article

John T. Elliott, Matthias Rösslein, Nam Woong Song, Blaza Toman, Agnieszka Kinsner-Ovaskainen, Rawiwan Maniratanachote, Marc L. Salit, Elijah J. Petersen, Fatima Sequeira, Erica L. Romsos, Soo Jin Kim, Jieun Lee, Nadia R. von Moos, François Rossi, Cordula Hirsch, Harald F. Krug, Wongsakorn Suchaoin and Peter Wick

Toward achieving harmonization in a nanocytotoxicity assay measurement through an interlaboratory comparison study


Research Article

Pablo Carbonell, Oriol Lopez, Alexander Amberg, Manuel Pastor and Ferran Sanz

Hepatotoxicity prediction by systems biology modeling of disturbed metabolic pathways using gene expression data

Concept Article

Martin Paparella, Annamaria Colacci and Miriam N. Jacobs

Uncertainties of testing methods: What do we (want to) know about carcinogenicity?

Research Article

Maren Jannasch, Tobias Weigel, Lisa Engelhardt, Judith Wiezoreck, Sabine Gaetzner, Heike Walles, Tobias Schmitz and Jan Hansmann

In vitro chemotaxis and tissue remodeling assays quantitatively characterize foreign body reaction

Research Article

Andrea Schwab, Annick Meeuwsen, Franziska Ehlicke, Jan Hansmann, Lars Mulder, Anthal Smits, Heike Walles and Linda Kock

Ex vivo culture platform for assessment of cartilage repair treatment strategies

Research Article

Jennifer Hennen and Brunhilde Blömeke

Keratinocytes improve prediction of sensitization potential and potency of chemicals with THP-1 cells

Research Article

Olivier Taboureau and Karine Audouze

Human environmental disease network: A computational model to assess toxicology of contaminants


Sonia Grego, Edward R. Dougherty, Francis J. Alexander, Scott S. Auerbach, Brian R. Berridge, Michael L. Bittner, Warren Casey, Philip C. Cooley, Ajit Dash, Stephen S. Ferguson, Timothy R. Fennell, Brian T. Hawkins, Anthony J. Hickey, Andre Kleensang, Michael N. Liebman, Florian Martin, Elizabeth A. Maull, Jason Paragas, Guilin (Gary) Qiao, Sreenivasa Ramaiahgari, Susan J. Sumner and Miyoung Yoon

Systems biology for organotypic cell cultures



Ellen Fritsche, Kevin M. Crofton, Antonio F. Hernandez, Susanne Hougaard Bennekou, Marcel Leist, Anna Bal-Price, Elissa Reaves, Martin F. Wilks, Andrea Terron, Roland Solecki, Magdalini Sachana and Anne Gourmelon

OECD/EFSA workshop on developmental neurotoxicity (DNT): The use of non-animal test methods for regulatory purposes



Francois Busquet and Thomas Hartung

Corrigendum to The need for strategic development of safety sciences










EU: Environmental endpoints added to ECHA RAAF

EU: Commission processing reproductive toxicity decisions

EU: JRC report on 3R knowledge sharing published

FRA: EthicScience campaign supports 3Rs research

GER: New chair for 3R methods in Frankfurt filled

GER: Call for nominations for Animal Protection Research Prize

GER: Research alliance R2N established

INT: New release of Effectopedia site available

INT: InterNICHE seeks input for film

INT: OECD releases Guidance Document on IATA

UK: SEARCHBreast helps tissue sharing to benefit the 3Rs

UK: Launch of The Alliance for Human Relevant Science

UK: Call for nominations for the LUSH Prize 2017

UK: David Sainsbury Fellowship: Call for outlines

UK: Development of an adverse outcome pathway (AOP) for cardiotoxicity

USA: ARDF offers research grants

USA: Nominations for the Charles River Excellence in Refinement Award sought

USA: Call for nominations for the 2017 Russell and Burch Award







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