ALTEX Archive - 2/15


Sonja von Aulock





Thomas Hartung

The human whole blood pyrogen test – lessons learned in twenty years



Review article

Jorid B. Sørli, Jitka S. Hansen, Asger W. Nørgaard, Marcus Levin and Søren T. Larsen

An in vitro method for predicting inhalation toxicity of impregnation spray products


Concept article

Mounir Bouhifd, Melvin E. Andersen, Christina Baghdikian, Kim Boekelheide, Kevin M. Crofton, Albert J. Fornace Jr., Andre Kleensang, Henghong Li, Carolina Livi, Alexandra Maertens, Patrick D. McMullen, Michael Rosenberg, Russell Thomas, Marguerite Vantangoli, James D. Yager, Liang Zhao and Thomas Hartung

The Human Toxome Project


Research article

Outi Huttala, Hanna Vuorenpää, Tarja Toimela, Jukka Uotila, Hannu Kuokkanen, Timo Ylikomi, Jertta-Riina Sarkanen and Tuula Heinonen

Human vascular model with defined stimulation medium – a characterization study


Review article

Heike A. Behrensdorf-Nicol, Karin Weisser and Beate Krämer

“BINACLE” assay for in vitro detection of active tetanus neurotoxin in toxoids


Ewa Aleksandrowicz and Ingrid Herr

Ethical euthanasia and short-term anesthesia of the chick embryo


Marlies Leenaars, Miriam van der Meulen, Erica van Oort and Rob Scholten

Synthesis of evidence: Working together on systematic reviews of animal studies


Alessandra Roncaglioni, Emilio Benfenati, Alberto Mantovani, Ferdinando Fiorino, Elisa Perissutti and Stefano Lorenzetti

The role of in silico tools in supporting the application of the substitution principle








EU: ECVAM validates the h-CLAT assay for skin sensitization

EU: EUSAAT 2015/ LINZ 2015 calls for abstracts

EU: REACH information requirements for reproductive toxicity changed

GER: Baden-Württemberg calls for applications for research funding and 3Rs prize

GER: Competition for national 3Rs prize announced

GER: Database AnimalTestInfo: German initiative for more transparency in animal experiments

GER: Investigations into macaque experiments at Max Planck Institute Tübingen

GER: Petition for a competence center

IND: Mahatma Gandhi-Doerenkamp Centre (MGDC) wins PETA India Award

INT: New version of OECD QSAR Toolbox available

INT: News from InterNICHE

INT: OECD publishes new test guidelines for in vitro skin sensitization

INT: Request for proposal for hazard assessment of inhaled nanotubes

ISR: Monkey breeding facility closed down

South Korea: Five year plan to reduce cosmetics testing on animals announced

UK: NC3Rs accepting applications for David Sainsbury fellowship scheme

UK: Home Office announces limited ban on animal tests for household products

UK: Laboratory animal anesthesia e-learning resource available

USA: EPA proposes reporting and record keeping requirements on nanoscale materials in the marketplace

USA: Grants available from the Alternatives Research and Development Foundation

USA: Review of USDA animal welfare policies






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