ALTEX Archive - 1/17


Sonja von Aulock





Francois Busquet and Thomas Hartung

The need for strategic development of safety sciences



Research Article

Anita R. Iskandar, Carole Mathis, Florian Martin, Patrice Leroy, Alain Sewer, Shoaib Majeed, Diana Kuehn, Keyur Trivedi, Davide Grandolfo, Maciej Cabanski, Emmanuel Guedj, Celine Merg, Stefan Frentzel, Nikolai V. Ivanov, Manuel C. Peitsch and Julia Hoeng

3-D nasal cultures: Systems toxicological assessment of a candidate modified-risk tobacco product


t4 Workshop Report

Michael Aschner, Sandra Ceccatelli, Mardas Daneshian, Ellen Fritsche, Nina Hasiwa, Thomas Hartung, Helena T. Hogberg, Marcel Leist, Abby Li, William R. Mundy, Stephanie Padilla, Aldert H. Piersma, Anna Bal-Price, Andrea Seiler, Remco H. Westerink, Bastian Zimmer and Pamela J. Lein

Reference compounds for alternative test methods to indicate developmental neurotoxicity (DNT) potential of chemicals: Example lists and criteria for their selection and use


Research Article

Johanna Nyffeler, Christiaan Karreman, Heidrun Leisner, Yong Jun Kim, Gabsang Lee, Tanja Waldmann and Marcel Leist

Design of a high-throughput human neural crest cell migration assay to indicate potential developmental toxicants


t4 Workshop Report

David Pamies, Anna Bal-Price, Anton Simeonov, Danilo Tagle, Dave Allen, David Gerhold, Dezhong Yin, Francesca Pistollato, Takashi Inutsuka, Kristie Sullivan, Glyn Stacey, Harry Salem, Marcel Leist, Mardas Daneshian, Mohan C. Vemuri, Richard McFarland, Sandra Coecke, Suzanne C. Fitzpatrick, Uma Lakshmipathy, Amanda Mack, Wen Bo Wang, Daiju Yamazaki, Yuko Sekino, Yasunari Kanda, Lena Smirnova and Thomas Hartung

Good Cell Culture Practice for stem cells and stem-cell-derived models

Research Article

Dorothea Döring, Ophelia Nick, Alexander Bauer, Helmut Küchenhoff and Michael H. Erhard

Behavior of laboratory dogs before and after rehoming in private homes


Research Article

Joakim Ringblom, Elin Törnqvist, Sven Ove Hansson, Christina Rudén and Mattias Öberg

Assigning ethical weights to clinical signs observed during toxicity testing


Research Article

Rachel Tanner and Helen McShane

Replacing, reducing and refining the use of animals in tuberculosis vaccine research



Yula Sambuy, Anna Maria Bassi, Chiara Scanarotti and Francesca Caloni

From cells to QSAR: Alternative predictive models in toxicology










EU: Revised version of DB-ALM online

GER: Number of animals used for scientific purposes steady

GER: New website on understanding animal research

GER: BfR seeks experts for national committee

GER: First Hamburg research prize on alternative methods awarded

GER: Hesse Animal Protection Research Prize awarded

HRV: InterNICHE alternatives seminar for Government of Croatia and

ethical committees

INT: OECD publishes guidance on IATA

IRAN: InterNICHE Partners in Iran jointly win 2016 Lush Prize

NLD: NCad provides opinion on transition to non-animal research

SUI: Foundation Animalfree Research celebrates 40th birthday

SUI: Studies find scientific rigor in animal experiments lacking

UK: LUSH Prize awarded

UK: Animal Replacement Centre of Excellence (The ARC) opened

USA: EPA launches voluntary pilot program to reduce animal testing






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