ALTEX Archive - 1/15


Sonja von Aulock




Igor Linkov, Olivia Massey, Jeff Keisler, Ivan Rusyn and Thomas Hartung

From “weight of evidence” to quantitative data integration using multicriteria decision analysis and Bayesian methods



Concept article

Tilman Gocht, Elisabet Berggren, Hans Jürgen Ahr, Ian Cotgreave, Mark T. D. Cronin, George Daston, Barry Hardy, Elmar Heinzle, Jürgen Hescheler, Derek J. Knight, Catherine Mahony, Marc Peschanski, Michael Schwarz, Russell S. Thomas, Catherine Verfaillie, Andrew White and Maurice Whelan

The SEURAT-1 approach towards animal free human safety assessment


t4 workshop report

Costanza Rovida, Nathalie Alépée, Anne M. Api, David A. Basketter, Frédéric Y. Bois, Francesca Caloni, Emanuela Corsini, Mardas Daneshian, Chantra Eskes, Janine Ezendam, Horst Fuchs, Patrick Hayden, Christa Hegele-Hartung, Sebastian Hoffmann, Bruno Hubesch, Miriam N. Jacobs, Joanna Jaworska, André Kleensang, Nicole Kleinstreuer, Jon Lalko, Robert Landsiedel, Frédéric Lebreux, Thomas Luechtefeld, Monica Locatelli, Annette Mehling, Andreas Natsch, Jonathan W. Pitchford, Donald Prater, Pilar Prieto, Andreas Schepky, Gerrit Schüürmann, Lena Smirnova, Colleen Toole, Erwin van Vliet, Dirk Weisensee and Thomas Hartung

Integrated testing strategies (ITS) for safety assessment


Review article

Pete Otovic and Eric Hutchinson

Limits to using HPA axis activity as an indication of animal welfare


Research article

Maren Bernau, Prisca V. Kremer, Elke Pappenberger, Lena S. Kreuzer, Klaus Cussler, Andreas Hoffmann and Armin M. Scholz

Safety testing of veterinary vaccines using magnetic resonance imaging in pigs



Maria C. C. M. Inglez de Souza and Julia M. Matera

Bleeding simulation in embalmed cadavers: bridging the gap between simulation and live surgery









EU: Clarification of relationship between Cosmetics Regulation and REACH

EU: European Court of Justice to rule on use of non-EU animal cosmetics testing data

EU: ECHA to do more to minimize animal experiments for REACH

EU: EFSA call for read-across methods for hazard characterization open

GER: Animal use decreased by 2.7%

GER: National Animal Protection Research Prize awarded

GER: Center for alternatives to animal experiments to be established in Düsseldorf

GER: Database of nontechnical project summaries publicly available

GER: 3Rs graduate school and research platform BB3R opened

GER: Animal Protection Research Prize 2014 of Hessen awarded

INDIA: 2nd International Course on Laboratory Animal Science

INT: OECD guidance on reporting “non-guideline in vitro test methods” published

NL: International course in Laboratory Animal Science

NOR: Norecopa launches 3R Guide database

UK: Funding bodies adopt “Responsibility in the use of animals in bioscience research” guidance

UK: NC3Rs launches resource on refinement and reduction of experiments with GA mice

UK: LUSH Prize 2014 awarded

USA: Experimental animal numbers decrease by 6.5%

USA: SOT awards for animal testing alternatives announced





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