ALTEX Archive - 1/14


Sonja von Aulock




Joanne Zurlo and Eric Hutchinson




Kristine Kongsbak, Anne Marie Vinggaard, Niels Hadrup, and Karine Audouze

A computational approach to mechanistic and predictive toxicology of pesticides


Andrea Gissi, Domenico Gadaleta, Matteo Floris, Stefania Olla, Angelo Carotti,

Ettore Novellino, Emilio Benfenati, and Orazio Nicolotti

An alternative QSAR-based approach for predicting the bioconcentration factor for regulatory purposes


Cedric Blanc, Madeleine Zufferey, and Pierre Cosson

Use of in vivo biotinylated GST fusion proteins to select recombinant antibodies


Renata Grzywa, Agnieszka Łupicka-Słowik, Maciej Walczak, Magdalena Idzi,

Kamila Bobrek, Stephane Boivin, Andrzej Gaweł, Tadeusz Stefaniak,

Józef Oleksyszyn, and Marcin Sieńczyk

Highly sensitive detection of cancer antigen 15-3 using novel avian IgY antibodies



t4 workshop report

Andre Kleensang, Alexandra Maertens, Michael Rosenberg,

Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Justin Lamb, Scott Auerbach, Richard Brennan,

Kevin M. Crofton, Ben Gordon, Albert J. Fornace Jr., Kevin Gaido,

David Gerhold, Robin Haw, Adriano Henney, Avi Ma’ayan, Mary McBride,

Stefano Monti, Michael F. Ochs, Akhilesh Pandey, Roded Sharan, Rob Stierum,

Stuart Tugendreich, Catherine Willett, Clemens Wittwehr, Jianguo Xia,

Geoffrey W. Patton, Kirk Arvidson, Mounir Bouhifd, Helena T. Hogberg,

Thomas Luechtefeld, Lena Smirnova, Liang Zhao, Yeyejide Adeleye,

Minoru Kanehisa, Paul Carmichael, Melvin E. Andersen, and Thomas Hartung

Pathways of Toxicity


t4 workshop report

Daland R. Juberg, Susan J. Borghoff, Richard A. Becker, Warren Casey,

Thomas Hartung, Michael P. Holsapple, M. Sue Marty, Ellen M. Mihaich,

Glen Van Der Kraak, Michael G. Wade, Catherine E. Willett, Melvin E. Andersen,

Christopher J. Borgert, Katherine K. Coady, Michael L. Dourson,

John R. Fowle III, L. Earl Gray, James C. Lamb, Lisa S. Ortego,

Thaddeus T. Schug, Colleen M. Toole, Leah M. Zorrilla, Oliver L. Kroner,

Jacqueline Patterson, Lori A. Rinckel, and Brett R. Jones

Lessons learned, challenges, and opportunities: The U.S. Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program



Ambuja S. Bale, Elaina Kenyon, Thomas J. Flynn, John C. Lipscomb,

Donna L. Mendrick, Thomas Hartung, and Geoffrey W. Patton

Correlating in vitro data to in vivo findings for risk assessment


Adip Roy and Mohammad A. Akbarsha

Novel strategies for toxicological risk assessments


Francesca Caloni, Maura Ferrari, and Isabella De Angelis

Toxicology and stem cells: New frontiers









EU: Number of animals used for scientific purposes in the EU drops

EU: Citizens call for mandatory training on scientific research ethics

EU: Two EURL ECVAM recommendations for alternative methods

GER: Animal Protection Research Prize for BASF research group

GER: Experimental animal numbers surpass 3 million

INT: “Global Guide to Animal Protection” released

INT: WC9 call for abstracts open

NL: International course in Laboratory Animal Science

SUI: 3R Research Foundation calls for project applications

SUI: Experimental animal numbers decline

UK: Competition for feasibility studies to advance non-animal technologies

UK: Lush Prize 2013 awarded

USA: Appointment of Dr Warren Casey as Director of NICEATM

USA: EPA releases chemical screening data on 1,800 chemicals





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