ALTEX Archive - 1/01




2000/part 2
Claudia Schleger, Niels Krebsfaenger, Arno Kalkuhl, Rainer Bader, Thomas Singer
[Innovative cell culture methods in drug development] [Article in German]

Johannes Döhmer
[Modern drug development by molecular- and cellbiological methods] [Article in German]

Irmela W. Ruhdel

[Recent developments on the European ban on animal experiments for cosmetics] [Article in German]

Karl-Heinz Buchheit

[Development of alternative methods by the EDQM and the Biological Standardisation Programme] [Article in German]

Wilfried Diekmann, Manfred Hansper
["Replacement Methods to Animal Testing" as the incentive topic of the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Selected results to biological drugs] [Article in German]

Klaus Cussler, Elisabeth Balks

[One century of erysipelas prophylaxis: significance and reduction of animal experiments] [Article in German]

Erika Borrmann, Frank Schulze, Roland Diller

[Development of in vitro methods for the potency testing of clostridial vaccines] [Article in German]

Joachim Hartinger, Tamara Folz, Klaus Cussler

[Clinical endpoints during rabies vaccine control tests] [Article in German]

Stefan Fennrich, Bert Zucker, Thomas Hartung

[A new application for the human whole blood test: development of an assay to assess the health risk of air-borne microbial contaminations] [Article in German]

Matthias Fischer, Brigitte Keller-Stanislawski, Susanne Schober-Bendixen, Rudolf Schosser, Katrin Hacke, Thomas Hartung, Thomas Montag
[Influence of the preservative thiomersal on the Interleukin-1-Beta release of human peripheral blood cells] [Article in German]

Otfried Kistner, Noel Barrett, Wolfgang Mundt, Manfred Reiter, Susanne Schober-Bendixen, Gerald Eder, Friedrich Dorner

[Development of a novel influenza vaccine derived from a continuous cell line] [Article in German]

Susanne Kaul, Andreas Hoffmann

[Mediator Release Assay of rat basophil leukemia cells as alternative for passive cutaneous anaphylaxis (PCA)] [Article in German]

Claus-Michael Lehr

[In vitro intestinal and alveolar epithelium cultures in drug research] [Article in German]

Thomas Hartung, Gerhard Gstraunthaler, Sandra Coecke, David Lewis, Olivier Blanck, Michael Balls

[Good Cell Culture Practice(GCCP) - an Initiative for Standardisation and Quality Assurance of in vitro Studies. The Establishment of an ECVAM Task Force on GCCP] [Article in German]

Gabriele Schmuck
[The importance of standardised cell culture methods for the routine toxicology in pharmaceutical companies] [Article in German]

Eleonore Haltner, Stefan Schmitz, Christiane Gindorf und Jörg Ruoff

[In vitro permeability studies as substitute for in vivo studies - which requirements have to be met?] [Article in German]


CH: Egon Naef-Preis 2000 geht an Paul Honegger




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