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Calender of Events


» Goodbye Flat Biology: 3D models and the tumour microenvironment

November 2-5, 2014

Berlin, Germany


» In Vitro Toxicology Society Annual Meeting

November 10-11, 2014

Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK


» 3rd Annual Meeting of ASCCT: Where Chemistry and Biology Meet: AOPs as a Framework forAdvancing Toxicology

November 12, 2014

Bethesda, MD, USA


» LUSH Prize Conference

November 14, 2014

London, UK


» Rus-LASA/ICLAS Joint Conference: Science-based assessment of laboratory animal welfare

November 17-19, 2014

St. Petersburg, Russia


» EPAA Annual Conference 2014: Giving Europe a head start: How to facilitate the use of alternative methods by regulators?

November 19, 2014

Brussels, Belgium


» Progress on Replacement of Animals for Cosmetic Testing and Other Issues and a 75th Birthday Celebration for Alan Goldberg

November 20, 2014

Baltimore, MD, USA


» The Emergence of Systematic Review and Related Evidence-based Approaches in Toxicology – An EBTC Workshop

November 21, 2014

Baltimore, MD, USA



» Animal Replacement Science 2014: Improving relevance to human disease – challenges, innovations and applications in teratology and toxicology

November 27, 2014

London, UK


» 3rd Symposium on Fish and amphibian embryos as alternative models in teratology and toxicology

December 1-2, 2014

Aulnay-sous-Bois, France


» Animal Science Meeting 2014

December 5, 2014

London, UK



» Japanese Society for Alternatives to Animal Experiments (JSAAE) 27th Annual Meeting

December 5-7, 2014

Kanagawa, Japan


» Applied in vitro toxicology course

January 25-29, 2015

Lisbon, Portugal


» OpenTox USA 2015

February 11-12, 2015

Baltimore, MD, USA


» Society of Toxicology 2015 Annual Meeting

March 22-26, 2015

San Diego, California, USA


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