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UK: Call for NC3Rs studentships

The NC3Rs aims to attract and inspire the UK’s top graduates, and provide excellent scientific training as well as a solid introduction to the 3Rs. Applications are now invited for the 2012 Studentship competition, for awards commencing in 2013.  

Proposals relevant to any area of medical, biological, or veterinary research or safety testing are sought. A clear scientific rationale for the proposed work and description of how it will impact on the 3Rs are essential. Measures of the potential impact of the work on the 3Rs and how this has been arrived at should be provided, where possible. This should include, where appropriate, an estimation of the reduction in animal use in the applicant’s laboratory/establishment/discipline and/or objective indicators of how animal welfare has improved. 

If the proposal presents an alternative non-animal model, it is important to describe what scientific advantages it could have over in vivo methods. Proposals should outline plans for promoting the outcomes of the research to scientific peers, for example through publications and presentations at scientific conferences. 

Studentship applications are for 3 years and funds are provided for a fixed amount of £ 30,000 per annum (£ 90,000). Applications are welcomed from leading UK researchers with a minimum of 5 years postdoctoral experience.  

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NC3Rs e-newsletter
May 31, 2012

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