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The website on humane endpoints in animal experimentation ( is an interactive website for education and training purposes. The site is meant for people professionally involved in biomedical research and can be used as a platform for professionals in the laboratory animal field.  

The website has a public and secured part. The public section, already two years online, is freely accessible and contains general information on animal experiments, assessing the health status and the importance of use and types of humane endpoints. Recently also the secured part (with far more extended information and photo and video material) has been made available. Accessing the secure section requires a password, which can be obtained at request upon the submission of specific information.  

Besides information on humane endpoints, the website also contains information on:
– normal behavior and physiology of mice and rats
– pain and distress
– clinical signs
– assessment of pain and distress
– pathology
– laws & legislation
– interactive training modules
– forum
– and an extensive visual (photographs and videos) database

The primary language of the website is English, but the site is also (partly) available in French (in cooperation with the French Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AFSTAL)) and Dutch. 
More information:

Coenraad Hendriksen
Utrecht University,
The Netherlands

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