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AUT: Encyclopedia on animal ethics and animal welfare established

The European Encyclopedia of Animal Welfare (EEAW) is a multilingual, multi- and interdisciplinary open access project of the FEWD (Research Center of Ethics and Science in Dialogue) at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Vienna. It investigates the topics of Animal Ethics and Animal Welfare in a political, ethical, and legal context on an international level, with the intention of expanding its research to cultural and social studies over the course of time. Fundamental topics from the natural sciences like the veterinary sciences or ethology are also covered.  

Inspired by ambitious, academic openaccess projects like the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, the aim of the EEAW is the publication of entries, edited and reviewed by top-ranking international experts of various fields, thereby reinforcing international and interdisciplinary discourse between the relevant disciplines. Furthermore the Encyclopedia serves as a means to distribute reliable information for a wider public. 

Special emphasis will be placed on including analyses of selected countries all over the world. Scholars of various backgrounds will devote themselves to comprehensive investigations of their country of residence, according to a list of criteria, such as history, development and current status quo of animal welfare, animal ethics and animal rights. The collection of such continually revised and updated in-depth studies on an international level has never before been attempted in an academic context and will fill an important gap in the worldwide discourse, allowing for both a well-founded overview and international comparison of the current situation and the tracking of tendencies and developments. Furthermore, this would be an important contribution to anchoring the long-overdue field of “Comparative Animal Welfare Studies” in a variety of disciplines. Ultimately, the results of this research could secure the groundwork for an improvement of the situation of animals on a global level.  

In this way the EEAW conceptually incorporates both practical and theoretical aspects and encompasses the pluralism of established theories, including the principles of the enlightenment and critical rationalism, which inevitably entails multiand interdisciplinary co-operation.  

The EEAW editors are also seeking to encourage contributions by young academics. All submissions will be subject to peer-review approval by the internationally acclaimed experts on our advisory board. Further activities of the EEAW will be the organization of lectures, talks, and workshops on relevant topics, which are planned to take place at the University of Vienna. 

For more information and how to collaborate please visit or write an e-mail to: - Team
Andrea Yehudit Richter
and Erwin Lengauer

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