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USA: EPA releases formerly confidential chemical information

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is making available to the pub­lic hundreds of studies on chemicals that had been treated as confidential business information (CBI). The move is part of EPA’s plan to make public the chemicals that are not entitled to CBI status. Releas­ing the data will expand the public’s ac­cess to critical health and safety informa­tion on chemicals that are manufactured and processed in the U.S. Newly availa­ble information can be found using EPA’s Chemical Data Access Tool (

Since 2009, 577 formerly confidential chemical identities are no longer confi­dential and more than 1,000 health and safety studies are now accessible to the public that were previously unavailable or only available in limited circumstances. In 2010 EPA issued new guidance outlin­ing the agency’s plans to deny confiden­tiality claims for chemical identities in health and safety studies under the feder­al Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) that are determined to not be entitled to CBI status. EPA has been reviewing CBI claims in new and existing TSCA filings containing health and safety studies.

Consistent with the guidance, the agency will request that the submitter voluntarily relinquish the CBI claims and make the newly available studies avail­able to the public. EPA also challenged the chemical industry to make available information that was previously classi­fied as CBI. To date, more than 35 com­panies have agreed to review previously submitted filings containing health and safety studies and determine if any CBI claims may no longer be necessary. The newly available information can be found under a new “declassified tab” using the Chemical Data Access Tool, launched in December 2010 to assist the public in re­trieving chemical health and safety infor­mation submitted to EPA under TSCA.

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November 28, 2011

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