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GER: Donor animal program for education in biology and veterinary science

The German Association Menschen für Tierrechte (“people for animal rights”) has established guidance for the dona­tion of deceased companion animals for educational purposes. With this ap­proach quality and content of practical anatomy courses in biology and veteri­nary science can be upheld without forc­ing students to work with animals that were killed for use in the course. It is reported that animal owners are often somewhat consoled by donating their deceased animal to a good cause. Such programs are already successful in the US, the Netherlands, and Australia. First German institutes are already using this approach, acquiring deceased animals from veterinary practices or clinics. This approach saves costs while requiring only limited logistics. 

The Association calls for help in adver­tising and implementing this approach.

All relevant information is posted on:; flyers can be downloaded for distribution in veterinary practices.

Astrid Schmidt, PhD
Phone: +49 3641 22 97 65

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