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Adaptation of the Pollen Tube Growth Assay to Cytotoxicity Testing of Cigarette Smoke

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Udo Kristen and Rolf Kappler
Institut für Allgemeine Botanik, Universität D-Hamburg

We describe a recently developed in vitro assay for the assessment of the cytotoxicity of gaseous materials. The method is based on the pollen tube growth (PTG) test suited to determine the cytotoxicity of non-gaseous, water-soluble substances (Kristen and Kappler, 1995). Instead of the conventional PTG test, we used a semi-automatic, computer-controlled multi-channel device for the injection of gases and gas mixtures into a battery of incubation tubes containing germinating suspension-cultured tobacco pollen as indicator of toxic effects. The efficiency of the new PTG gas test device was examined using the gas phase of cigarette smoke. The examination exhibited sufficient sensitivity of the toxicity data obtained. The assay can be adapted to various sources of exhaust gases.

ALTEX 13(4), 175-178

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