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Sonja von Aulock





Katya Tsaioun, Bas J. Blaauboer and Thomas Hartung

Evidence-based absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion (ADME) and its interplay with alternative toxicity methods



Concept Article

Miriam N. Jacobs, Annamaria Colacci, Kimmo Louekari, Mirjam Luijten, Betty C. Hakkert, Martin Paparella and Paule Vasseur

International regulatory needs for development of an IATA for non-genotoxic carcinogenic chemical substances


Research Article

Cédric Pisani, Sébastien Voisin, Karim Arafah, Philippe Durand, Marie-Hélène Perrard, Marie-Roberte Guichaoua, Philippe Bulet and Odette Prat

Ex vivo assessment of testicular toxicity induced by carbendazim and iprodione, alone or in a mixture


Research Article

Florian Groeber, Lisa Engelhardt, Julia Lange, Szymon Kurdyn, Freia F. Schmid, Christoph Rücker, Stephan Mielke, Heike Walles and Jan Hansmann

A first vascularized skin equivalent as an alternative to animal experimentation

Research Article

Ilona J. Kosten, Sander W. Spiekstra, Tanja D. de Gruijl and Susan Gibbs

MUTZ-3 Langerhans cell maturation and CXCL12 independent migration in reconstructed human gingiva


Antonio Planchart, Carolyn J. Mattingly, David Allen, Patricia Ceger, Warren Casey, David Hinton, Jyotshna Kanungo, Seth W. Kullman, Tamara Tal, Maria Bondesson, Shawn M. Burgess, Con Sullivan, Carol Kim, Mamta Behl, Stephanie Padilla, David M. Reif, Robert L. Tanguay and Jon Hamm

Advancing toxicology research using in vivo high throughput toxicology with small fish models



Amy J. Clippinger, Erin Hill, Rodger Curren and Patricia Bishop

Bridging the gap between regulatory acceptance and industry use of non-animal methods


Joaquín Valdés, Laura Trachsel-Moncho, Ayse Sahaboglu, Dragana Trifunović, María Miranda, Marius Ueffing, François Paquet-Durand and Oliver Schmachtenberg

Organotypic retinal explant cultures as in vitro alternative for diabetic retinopathy studies



Katy Taylor and Laura Rego

EU statistics on animal experiments for 2014



Mohammad A. Akbarsha, Abhijit Majumder, Namita Misra, Christian Pellevoisin and Jose Cotovio

Futuristic approach to alternatives


Francesca Caloni, Marisa Meloni, Yula Sambuy, Susanna Alloisio, Giovanna Mazzoleni

New alternative models for in vitro toxicology


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NEWS (download all News as pdf)

EU: REACH registrants to use alternative test methods for skin sensitization

EU: Advice on skin and eye irritation testing helps reduce animal tests

EU: ECHA updates guide on avoiding unnecessary animal tests

EU: European Court of Justice sharpens ban on animal tests for cosmetics

GER: Prize awarded for BoNT/B BINACLE assay

IND: Seminar held on bioethics in medical and biological research

INT: OECD launches a new series on adverse outcome pathways

INT: OECD publishes guidance on waiving mammalian acute toxicity tests

INT: OECD publishes new in vitro test guidelines

INT: EU-ToxRisk and Tox21 to collaborate

INT: New journal on animal feeling announced

IRL: SFI Investigators Programme to fund alternatives to animal research

UK: NC3Rs adds new statistics functionality to Experimental Design Assistant

UK: Annual experimental animal use statistics published



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